ICID complies with the RGPD


Within all companies such as multinationals, SMEs, all specificities combined.

The licensed detective, under the supervision of the Ministry of the Interior can investigate for both, the employer and the employee, and discover among other things, all flaws of non-compliance in the status of worker/employee/CDI/CDD/interim/seasonal (construction, agriculture)/fraud/economic exploitation and unfair dismissal, in cases of false restructuring.

Abuses range from simple refusal by the employee to dishonest proposals to bribery. The new methods of investigation used by the detective, in addition to surveillance and following, are of great benefit to the defense, for the Advocate and the Judge.

Curriculum Vitae

Inquiry - human resources

The detective investigates the fake CVs and fake diplomas which abound as well as the unfounded medical certificates and of convenience. The methods used are surveillance and shadowing, from which will result a detailed report illustrated by photos and testimonies and report by bailiff if necessary.
To prove the veracity of the medical, repetitive and / or long term certificates.
That allows the dismissal for serious misconduct ; it saves time and is of great benefit to the SME or to the employee if it is his employer who is at fault.

Investigation commerciale

Commercial investigation

The detective investigates to counter any financial losses caused by trade commissioners, managers, carriers, illegal competition, etc.
The detective can also investigate and find the necessary elements to avoid a financial loss created by the debauchery of one of the best trade commissioners in the company.
Since a union can be good or bad, whether inside the company or by a unionized employee, neither can be underestimated.
The detective investigates and assists the legal service to resolve tensions arising from the unions through surveillance and shadowing, according the laws in this area.

Mains qui se serrent

Inquiry - partnership, partners, executives, investors

The detective, at ease in all fields of exercice, wether in SMEs, large companies, or multinationals (cooperative, association, ltd, SA) is of great use for the legal department in order to resolve issues or conflicts between managers, partners, investors.
He carries out surveillance and/or infiltration to investigate with great perseverance and know-how, providing the necessary information to the lawyers in charge of the case. Thus allowing them to bring the case to a successful conclusion.


Investigation - harassment and intimidation

The private detective is essential. The investigator must, before engaging his skills in the case presented by the complainant, be sure of the veracity to prevent the commissioner from having his accusations turned against him.Honesty being the main motto, the detective will strive to determine the  veracity  of  accusations  and  denials.  He  will  always  remain impartial and will not give in to corruption.This kind of problem and mission requires a long-term investigation to detect the true from the false. The price will most often be fixed and communicated in advance.

Pièces d'échec

Industrial counter-espionage, unfair competition

A specialized detective is necessary in counter-espionage, whether it’s in chemistry, computer science, etc… the detectives of Inter Continental International Detect, can call on a specialist who carries out the research under the supervision of a licensed detective who oversees the conduct of the mission, in accordance with the law. The unfair competition being very complex to highlight, the lawyers as well as the magistrate instructor have as base the report of the investigations of the experienced, licensed detective who is also an expert in the rules specific to each branch, as among others, the industry or the horeca.

Coffre fort

Investigation for theft of property in the company or during transport

In the case of theft, whether it is stealing of works of art, shoplifting, stealing during transportation, stealing from the warehouse or stealing of safes, if the detective does not act immediately after the theft, the chances of recovering the objects and/or catching the author(s) of the theft are reduced considerably, even if he has applied the necessary investigations proper to each theft style.



The licensed and specialized detective conducts his investigations in close collaboration with the customs services to ensure the success of the mission. Counterfeiting, one of the most widespread frauds around the world is of all kinds, such as leather goods, pharmacy, toys, etc…


In criminal matters

The private detective, licensed and specialized in criminal investigation will be a plus for the client and his defense and a reinforcement for the police, who do not always have the necessary means to find the criminal(s). In some cases, only the perseverance and long and repetitive surveillances done by the private detective – who gives a detailed report and photos – can solve the enigma cataloged without issue.

Statistiques à la baisse

Debtor search

In this type of research also, the detective can not, under any circumstances, guarantee the recovery of the debt and can not investigate for percentage or depending on the success. Through his extensive and diversified research, with perseverance and relentlessness, he can find the debtor’s hiding place and show the hidden insolvency so that the bailiff can proceed with the seizure.


Conflicts between landlord and tenant and vice versa

The investigators of InterContinental International Detect, with their license and experience are also competent to act quickly in any conflict of this type.


Frauds and scams

With the latest European agreements, such as Schengen and others, allowing the free movement of goods and people, fraud at all levels have become a scourge whose victims can only call the detective for help. InterContinental International Detect and its licensed and specialized detectives have gained experience at the service of clients at competitive prices.