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37 years of experience

We are a company of licensed private investigators, based in Brussels (Belgium), specialized in every sort of investigation and operating effectively since 1984. During our investigations, both commercial and private, we fully respect the person and the protection of privacy as well as the copyright, imposed by the law. Our multidisciplinary staff is well aware of all changes in law and new technologies, as artificial intelligence (AI) which have indisputably modified the way we investigate.

We are open, always by appointment for oral interviews.

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Use of your personal data according to the GDPR law

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on May 25, 2018. ICID Ltd has always treated customer data with great care and respect for private life. The information provided by the customer is and will remain strictly confidential.

As the profession of private detective is governed by a Ministerial Statute, we are already obliged to respect all articles of the law, among others art. 4 § 1 of the RGPD on the personal data transmitted by the mandate.


Investigations, surveillances, shadowing, infiltrations with methods and prices adequate to concerned sector.

The specialized and licensed detective investigates in all cases depending on commercial, criminal (moral, physical and sexual harassment by the employer, the neighbor, colleagues, friends and all other kinds of aggression) or civil/family laws (divorce, separation).

The means of investigation, in order to bring the it to a successful conclusion are traditional methods of a good investigator, namely surveillance, shadowing, infiltration and meticulous search. The clues collected by the detective, holder of his license, are taken into consideration and are essential to resolve the case, whether in front of the Justice of the Peace, the Court of First Instance, the Commercial Court or any other court.

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