Inquiries, surveillances, shadowing, infiltrations with an adequate investigation at a reasonable price.

The licensed specialized detective operates in different sectors, such as:

Commercial investigations:

  • research before any commitment
  • false, repetitive or long-term medical certificates
  • control of commercial agents’ activities
  • meticulous investigation of syndical agents
  • conflicts between partners
  • harassment, intimidation
  • industrial counter-espionage, unfair competition
  • theft of goods in the enterprise or during transport
  • counterfeit
  • insurance fraud
  • research of debtors
  • all kinds of frauds and scams

Private investigations:

  • divorce
  • gathering of infidelity evidence useful for financial negotiations (alimony for the spouse and/or to preserve the patrimony)
  • credit investigation or fraudulent insolvency
  • alimony for the child
  • control of child custody in case of serious suspicions (abuse)
  • check of schedule and the entourage of minors
  • false testimony
  • theft and burglary
  • family discord in succession; indelicate instructors
  • research of inheritors
  • morality investigation
  • research of missing or indoctrinated people

In addition to its traditional surveillance missions, shadowing and fraud research, ICID detects and identifies:

  • social fraud
  • the irregular situations (false identities, irregularities in economic migration …)
  • the commercial frauds like counterfeit, veracity of the fiscal denunciations.