Nowadays Detective

International Detect – Private detective agency in Brussel


With our constantly evolving, a multiple branches society, it is important to be aware of the new prevailing rules and duties. It is about the new professional dynamic, for both, individuals and for the world of business that we need to apply.

This value is served by the company ICID SPRL International Detect thanks to the new, more sophisticated and very professional investigation methods. The ICID company has 32 years of experience, is licensed by the Ministry of Interior for 20 years, and operates with full respect of the law in force for 24 years. It seeks results through its detectives, who are specialized in both, private and commercial, investigations.
This objective is also valid for public enterprises ONEM, ONSS and public administrations …

In addition to its traditional surveillance missions, shadowing and fraud research, ICID detects and identifies:

  • social fraud
  • the irregular situations (false identities, irregularities in economic migration …)
  • the commercial frauds like counterfeit and veracity of the fiscal denunciations.

Tomorrow, you will be able to defend yourself much better because you will have the findings and knowledge from ICID.